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Need more information about investing in the capital markets in Zimbabwe? We have included detailed documents that fully explain how to get involved and begin trading in shares. Please note that these documents come at no cost.

About the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
Capital Market Profile
Online securities trading process simplified
Protecting Investments
The capital market investment process
The Zimbabwe Capital Market Structure
Understanding investments
Risk Return Relationship
Investor Protection Tips
Capital Markets investments risks
Risk Return Relationship
The role of Zimbabwe Stock Exchange as an investment platform
Investing on the capital market in Zimbabwe
The structure of the Capital Markets and how they work
How to get started investing on the Capital Market
Frequently Asked Questions about the Investment Markets
Frequently Asked Questions about the Invetsment Markets
Taking the steps to start investing

Explaining the term Hustle

Get people thinking what they can do with their hard earned money in the medium to long term.

Explaining the term Hustle 0:33

Hustle Defined 0:49

Another viewpoint 0:50

Definition of a Hustle 1:05

What is a Hustle? T. Chinamo 0:31