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We are all working hard to make ends meet, doing this and that to fulfil our needs. But have you stopped to consider the future? What is your plan for your medium to long term goals? Consider becoming an investor on the stock exchange.

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What is “My Zim Hustle”?

“My Zim Hustle” is an educational campaign about investment on the capital markets. Zimbabweans at home and abroad are all “hustling”- we are working hard every day to generate more income and meet our financial goals. At its core, this campaign seeks to empower Zimbabweans to take control of their financial growth.

Investing in Zimbabwe is accessible and affordable on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and the Financial Securities Exchange. “What’s Your Hustle?” is a call to Zimbabweans to think about how they can grow their hard-earned money in the medium to long term.
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Other Hustle Stories

Crystal Cristabel

“I sell Avon products and hairdressing at home also upcoming makeup artist based in kwekwe”

Mutsawashe Mutasa

“I am an accountant by profession, run a business consultancy firm catering for start up and growing businesses and sell Avon products (to pay for my pampering products:-):-)”

Elijah Tarwirana

“I'm a government employee, but am a farmer at heart, growing tomatoes, sugar beans and grain maize at my farm. That's my hustle”

Nyasha Mhishi

“It was in 2014. I started by selling 4 crates of eggs then ended up selling at least 30 crates/ month. From there I ventured into more projects i.e. Supplying muffins to a bank, selling african material and perfumes”

Rumbie Ndoro

“I'm an artist/musician, l also sell pre-loved clothes (mabhero) l deliver to your doorstep”

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We Make it Simple to Invest Your Money

The capital of the company is divided into shares. Each share forms a unit of ownership of a company and is offered for sale so as to raise capital for the company.

Investor Education

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The Capital Market

The capital market is a market that links investors with companies that are seeking to raise long-term capital. The company receives money from investors in exchange for shares, which represent part-ownership of the company.

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How do I invest?

Investors buy or sell shares on the stock market through stockbrokers, also known as securities dealers. Once an investor buys shares of a listed entity, they become ordinary shareholders of that company.

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